Imposter syndrome is a condition in which we feel like frauds; as if every accomplishment were due to luck or outside sources, not because of our inner resources.

In turn, imposter syndrome tells us that our failures are 100% our fault and have nothing to do with luck or outside circumstances. Feeling like a chronic fraud can seriously derail your plans.

Here are some common things self-proclaimed imposters say to themselves.

You’re a piece of shit!

Let’s not kid ourselves. The inner critic is solely responsible for maintaining imposter syndrome.

You’re not one of them.

Belonging? Out the window. You’re not one of us. Therefore, you must be from some alien planet. Who knows but you don’t belong among humans.

You’re not allowed to have problems.

Imagine – you’re an imperfect person, like everyone. You make mistakes, like everyone. You have weaknesses. Everyone does. You’re a 100% normal person with only one glitch. You believe that having these normal problems makes you less than a human being and therefore an outcast.

And you always will be…

This is one of the killers about the inner critic. It communicates with authority and the unspoken implication that every accusation is eternally true. Amazingly, most of these are not true at all.