Here’s a Personal Development Promise you’ll Love

So you want to grow and develop as a person. Great. I’ve got a plan for you.

First, you must commit yourself to a course of action. And it’s a lot of work. In fact, personal development is a lifestyle more than anything. If you embrace this lifestyle, it will involve the following.

You will ALWAYS be involved in one or more of the following:

• Therapy
• Coaching
• Courses
• Books
• Practices

Yes, it’s expensive. Budget at least $1000 per month. And it takes time, too. Daily practice of an hour or so a day will be the norm.

Will it All Pay Off?

Certainly. Heres’ what I can promise.

Life will become a little less miserable until you die.

You see, life’s a bitch. It’s hard. We all suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally. There’s no escaping it. Rather, there is only one true escape and that is death, which will come soon enough.

However, if you join my personal development program, you will suffer a little less, perhaps enough to take the edge off. As long as you keep pouring your heart and soul into the work, your suffering will reduce, bit by bit. When you die,  you will indeed die a little less miserable. Are you up for that?

You should be. When the options in life are to suffer a lot or a little less than alot, choose the lesser of the suffering!