Four Levels of Self-Criticism

Four levels of the inner critic. These are notes from an iNLP Center class.

1. The first level of the inner critic is the unconscious level.

It’s the level at which the inner critic is causing negative feelings and Sears and such. However, you are unaware of its existence and so it has free reign in your psyche to unconsciously influence you.

2. The next level of the inner critic is the enmeshed level.

The enmeshed level suggests that you are in meshed with your inner critic. You can hear what it has to say and when it speaks, you soak it up like a sponge.

So you might hear it say you are going to fail and you adopt that as if you were saying and believing I am going to fail. So it’s similar to the unconscious level in that the inner critic has free reign. It’s thoughts become your thoughts. Yet you are simply more aware at the national level.

3. The third level is the at odds level

In which you hear your inner critic criticize you and predict failure and so forth. Yet when you are on the at odds level, you fight back. So your inner critic says you are going to fail and you reply, no, I am not. Yes, you are. No, I’m not. You’re at odds with your inner critic at this level.

4. The next and highest level is the in-charge level

In which you can listen to your inner critic.

Yeah, and you do not have to respond emotionally. So your inner critics as you are going to fail and you respond by thinking, my inner critic just told me that. I’m going to say, at this point, you’re free to be curious.

Do you agree with your inner critic? Do you think you’re going to fail? You might ask your inner critic, why do you think I’m going to fail?

And you may discover information that you take into consideration as you move forward. The point at this level is that your inner critic no longer has the power to take over. It has the opportunity to offer input. You may listen to that input and take it into consideration, but at this level, you are no longer a slave to your inner critic.